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Holding space book cover

In Holding Space: My Story of Grief, Remembering, and Thriving after Traumatic Loss.

By: Arielle Jordan

I share my personal story of losing my daughter, Jordyn Da'yana, and how | have found
a way to honor her memory while also living a life of my own.

Through my own experience, I offer guidance and support for navigating the challenges that life throws us. Life deals us with various cards, and we must navigate each one as it
comes. We may not have chosen our circumstances, but we can choose to continue living.
While each person's reasons for moving forward may differ, I encourage readers to take personal responsibility for their own journey and to show themselves grace along the way.
None of us know when our time will come, so I have chosen to seize each day, making a meaningful impact on the world.

" Holding Space "is a starting point for creating your best life, one that brings you joy and fulfillment. As you read this book, remember that if anything no longer serves you, it is
time to let it go and embrace a thriving life.

Join me on this path of resilience and self-discovery, where the pain of loss becomes a catalyst for finding purpose and embracing life's unpredictable journey.

Master Your Mindset with the"Mindset Quality Workbook"

By: Arielle Jordan

Explore the "Mindset Quality Workbook: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life."  Elevate your mindset and potential with the transformative "Mindset Quality Workbook."   Reshape your life by changing your thoughts. Dive into thought-provoking questions that spark growth. Jump-start your journey today.  Find self-reflection and goal-setting spaces inside. Progress brings accomplishment. 

Mindset Quality Workbook Cover
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